Biscuits and Brownies

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Valentine's Day Brownies
Millionaire Shortbread
Box of 6 Scones with Jam & Clotted Cream
Brownie Party Favours
Enjoy lots of different types of biscuits, cookies, brownies and muffins suitable for offices or large gatherings:

Cookies - Choose from Milk Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Mini Eggs, Smarties

Brownies with White Chocolate Chips - Decorated with drizzled chocolate and sprinkles or loaded with chocolates of your choice, e.g. mini eggs, malteasers, smarties etc.

Blondies - The white chocolate version of brownies! Choose from either plain white chocolate or flavoured with peanut butter, nutella etc.

Millionaire Shortbread

Scones (with or without sultanas) - Served with Jam and Clotted Cream

Muffins - Choose from Raspberry, Blueberry, Milk Chocolate Chunk, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Triple Chocolate

Price List:

Box of 16 Brownies - 5x5cm - £20
(Enquire about individually wrapped brownies)

Box of 16 Cookies, Blondies or Millionaire Shortbread - £20

Box of 12 muffins - £18

Box of 8 scones with Jam and Clotted Cream - £20
Large Decorated Celebration Brownie - £40
Large Decorated Birthday Brownie
13" x 9"

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